• Sponge dust mask
    Sponge dust mask
    Sponge dust mask
  • GAS mask
    GAS mask
    Blue Star Wholesale GAS mask with good price - Blue Star
  • Cup mask
    Cup mask
    Cup mask
  • Three-dimensional mask without nose clip
    Three-dimensional mask without nose clip
    Three-dimensional mask without nose clip
  • Civil KN95
    Civil KN95
    Civil KN95
  • Face shield
    Face shield
    Minimum package: 1pcs in a bagQty in a carton: 200pcs The size of carton :68CM*38CM*32CMWeight of one carton : 8.7kg
  • KN95 mask
    KN95 mask
    KN95 mask. This product attracts attention with its excellent heat dissipation performance. With built-in latest cooling system, it has sufficient airflow for long-term work. The unique weaving process of this product results in a dense fabric having thin strands and a smooth texture more durable and softer than normal bedding. The selection of materials for Blue Star is meticulous. It takes into consideration physical properties (density, melting point, elec/thermal properties, etc.) and mechanical properties (stiffness, elasticity, plasticity, etc.).
  • Medical protective mask
    Medical protective mask
    Medical protective mask
  • KN95/FFP2 Disposable Respirator
    KN95/FFP2 Disposable Respirator
    Three-dimensional nose clip KN95
  • 3 Ply Surgical mask
    3 Ply Surgical mask
    1. Surgical mask = prevent blood pentrattion, Sterilized 2. Disposable medical care in a general environment. For all kinds of clinical personnel to wear during non-invasive operation, to provide a certain physical barrier for direct penetration of pathogenic microorganisms, particulate matter. non-sterilized.
  • 3 Ply Medical mask
    3 Ply Medical mask
    The basic materials used in Blue Star are canvas, rubber or high-grade plastic. The choice depends on the use, for example, indoor or outdoor. Climate too plays a significant role like places with high humidity and moisture. Our strict QC and management system can ensure high quality of . The use of this product helps people reduce their working hours and helps relieve them from tiring works and heavy tasks.
  • Paper-plastic film automatic packaging machine
    Paper-plastic film automatic packaging machine
    The paper-plastic film automatic packaging machine improves the independent packaging efficiency of medical surgical masks and enhances competitiveness. The company currently has 7 such packaging machines. In the future, we will move towards an automated and humanized management model.

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