The company is a foreign-funded enterprise specializing in the production of protective masks.

The Blue Star brand dust-proof, deodorant and anti-microtoxic sponge protective masks and cotton protective masks produced by the company are manufactured with special materials, heavy protection, beautiful and durable; respirator face mask, disposable non-woven fabric plane, three-dimensional protective masks, Butterfly masks, KN95, cup-shaped series masks, sports series masks, cold-proof series masks, transparent masks and other medical masks; among them, the children's three-dimensional masks are designed lightly and the colors are optional.
  • KN95 mask
    KN95 mask
    KN95 mask. This product attracts attention with its excellent heat dissipation performance. With built-in latest cooling system, it has sufficient airflow for long-term work. The unique weaving process of this product results in a dense fabric having thin strands and a smooth texture more durable and softer than normal bedding. The selection of materials for Blue Star is meticulous. It takes into consideration physical properties (density, melting point, elec/thermal properties, etc.) and mechanical properties (stiffness, elasticity, plasticity, etc.).
  • 3 Ply Medical mask
    3 Ply Medical mask
    The basic materials used in Blue Star are canvas, rubber or high-grade plastic. The choice depends on the use, for example, indoor or outdoor. Climate too plays a significant role like places with high humidity and moisture. Our strict QC and management system can ensure high quality of . The use of this product helps people reduce their working hours and helps relieve them from tiring works and heavy tasks.
  • Medical protective mask
    Medical protective mask
    Medical protective mask
  • KN95/FFP2 Disposable Respirator
    KN95/FFP2 Disposable Respirator
    Three-dimensional nose clip KN95
The company has ISO9001 quality management system certification, special labor protection equipment production license, special labor protection equipment safety mark certificate. Medical device production license, medical device registration certificate. FDA, CE certification, listed on the white list of the Ministry of Commerce, Foreign Certification and Registered Medical Import and Export Association.
For more than 50 years, he has been the originator of the mask industry in Fujian. The founder has never forgotten his original intention, remembered his mission, led the Blue Star people to move forward, and strived to protect the lives of the working people on the front line. In 2020, the epidemic situation suddenly struck. The Blue Star people did not forget the epidemic situation and the ruthless people are affectionate. In response to the government's order to resume work on the first day of the year, they became the key purchasing and storage enterprises of the State Council.
Xiamen Blue Star Enterprise Co., Ltd. established in 1987.
Relying on China Pharmaceutical University, Fujian Medical University and Qilu Medical College of Shandong University, the enterprise jointly established a life science and technology research center in Xiang'an District to carry out industrial upgrading and expand the enterprise's product line from protective masks, first-class and second-class medical devices to third-class medical Medical and epidemic prevention materials such as instruments and consumables, creating a manufacturing platform for medical device consumables.
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